A Certain Scientific Accelerator
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A Certain Scientific Accelerator (2019)

AnimaçãoSci-Fi & Fantasy

A história da franquia criada por Kazuma Kamachi é ambientada na Cidade Academia, onde detentores de habilidades especiais chamados Espers são classificados em níveis, e aqueles que atingem o nível 5 são considerados os espers mais fortes. To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator é focado em Accelerator, um esper nível 5 que possui a habilidade de controlar vetores de força, e é acompanhado pela alegre Last Order.

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Accelerator (voice)
Rina Hidaka

Rina Hidaka

Last Order (voice)
Yurika Kubo

Yurika Kubo

Estelle Rosenthal (voice)
Sayumi Watabe

Sayumi Watabe

Yuhko Kaida

Yuhko Kaida

Aiho Yomikawa (voice)
Ryota Osaka

Ryota Osaka

Mikihiko Hishigata (voice)
Yumi Touma

Yumi Touma

Yoshikawa Kikyou
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A Certain Scientific Accelerator11

1 - Accelerator (Academy City's Mightiest Esper)

The day arrives for Accelerators bandages to come off after he is shot in the head, and Last Order is eager to celebrate. A secret weapon is stolen from an atmospheric research facility, and the culprits seem to be targeting Accelerator with it.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator12

2 - Necromancer (Raiser of the Dead)

A high-school-age girl attempts suicide, but finds herself at the mercy of a fanatical group calling themselves DA. When a young woman carrying a photo of Last Order is pursued through the hospital, Accelerator determines to find out why.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator13

3 - Numbers (Charms of the Four Perils)

Esther leads Accelerator to the warehouse where she was once held, where they encounter a more advanced coffin controlled by Hishigata. Accelerator tries to learn more about DA. Esther reveals more about how her necromancy works.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator14

4 - Third Number (The Pseudo-Soul, Huotou)

Accelerator takes on the two DA members in the hospital morgue, and receives assistance from an unexpected source. When DA once again messes up a mission at the hospital, plans go into motion to have them removed from the operation.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator15

5 - DA (Security Officer Darkness)

As Accelerator is sidelined while his Misaka Network electrode recharges, Antiskill leads a raid on a supplement factory being used as a front for DA. Meanwhile, the members of Scavenger carry on their mission to eliminate DA.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator16

6 - Scavenger (Corpse-Eating Squad)

Yomikawa attempts to defend Esther, Huotou, and the Sisters clone from Scavengers attacks, and learns why they are so hostile to the citys teaching staff. Huotou fights back against Naru, with help from Esther, but will it be enough?

A Certain Scientific Accelerator17

7 - Download (Time Limit)

“Download (Time Limit)” Having failed to obtain Last Order, Hishigata instead directs his efforts toward securing the kidnapped Sisters clone to gain the memories of their 10031 deaths to complete his formula. Esther begs Accelerator to take her under his wing.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator18

8 - Friend (Hirumi)

Unable to discover the secret to reaching Level 6, Hishigata tries a new approach by recruiting Esther Rosenthal, a necromancer. Esther and Hishigatas sister, Hirumi, become fast friends, but Hirumis secret may jeopardize that friendship.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator19

9 - Memory of Death (10031 Deaths)

As Hishigatas coffins are en route to his lab with the Sisters clone, Accelerator manages to throw a monkey wrench into their operation. Hishigata completes his formula, providing a boost to the coffins abilities, which are turned on Accelerator.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator110

10 - Catastrophe (Awakening)

While Hishigata continues to bleed out from his stab wound, Hirumi opens her eyes and seems to be her normal self. However, as her Level-6 transformation progresses, it becomes clear that not everything about Hirumi is as it appears.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator111

11 - Perfect Golem (Perfect Body)

Hirumis body continues its horrific transformation, assimilating the facility and growing larger. Esther is confronted with the question of what she wants to do about her situation, and whether she can step up to become a hero.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator112

12 - Something to Protect

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