A Certain Scientific Railgun
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A Certain Scientific Railgun (2009)

Action & Adventure Animação Comédia Drama Sci-Fi & FantasyTV-14

A história de Railgun gira em torno de uma cidade-escola, onde 80% de seus habitantes são estudantes. A cidade também tem tecnologia de ponta, mais avançada do que todo o restante do mundo. Os estudantes estudam poderes psiquicos! O anime irá dar atenção à estudante Misaka Mikoto, que tem poderes de nível 5, o mais alto de toda a escola.

Rina Satou

Rina Satou

Mikoto Misaka (voice)
Satomi Arai

Satomi Arai

Kuroko Shirai (voice)
Aki Toyosaki

Aki Toyosaki

Kazari Uiharu (voice)
Kanae Ito

Kanae Ito

Ruiko Saten (voice)
Atsushi Abe

Atsushi Abe

Toma Kamijo (voice)
Kana Ueda

Kana Ueda

Mii Konori (voice)
Minako Kotobuki

Minako Kotobuki

Mitsuko Kongou (voice)
Atsuko Tanaka

Atsuko Tanaka

Harumi Kiyama (voice)
Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki

Misaka Sisters (voice)
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A Certain Scientific Railgun11

1 - Electromaster

Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari, and Ruiko take action against a gang of bank robbers. When Ruiko is injured trying to rescue an innocent bystander, Mikoto angrily unleashes her railgun power!

A Certain Scientific Railgun12

2 - When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential

Mikoto and Kuroko get in trouble for using their powers in the dorm. Their punishment: pool cleaning duty! Later, Kuroko finds herself feeling frisky after accidentally ingesting a powerful aphrodisiac!

A Certain Scientific Railgun13

3 - Tokiwadai is Targeted

Someone is tasering students and drawing on their faces with permanent marker! While Kuroko and Kazari investigate, poor Ruiko becomes the latest victim. Who is behind the unusual attacks?

A Certain Scientific Railgun14

4 - Urban Legends

Awkwardness ensues when Mikoto runs into Kamijo. When they meet again later in the day, Mikoto demands a duel! She gives it her all, but theres a chance shes no match for Kamijos powers.

A Certain Scientific Railgun15

5 - A Certain Pair of New Trainees

Uiharu and Kuroko have an argument that leads to recollections of the past, when the girls were young Judgment recruits, and a dangerous mission resulted in a life-long promise between friends.

A Certain Scientific Railgun16

6 - Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to This

Someone is planting bombs all over Academy City, and its up to Judgment to stop the person responsible. Mikoto, wanting a piece of the action, uses Uiharus badge to investigate on her own.

A Certain Scientific Railgun17

7 - Abilities and Powers

As Kuroko and Konori begin to suspect Judgement officers are the true targets of the mysterious bomber, Uiharu, Mikoto, and Saten find themselves in an explosive situation while shopping!

A Certain Scientific Railgun18

8 - Level Upper

Mikoto and Kuroko ponder the ramifications of Kaitabis shocking display of strength and wonder if Level Uppers actually exist. Before they can find answers, Kaitabi mysteriously slips into a coma!

A Certain Scientific Railgun19

9 - Majority Report

Even as Mikoto and Kuroko question Dr. Kiyami about the side-effects of Level Uppers, Saten wonders if she should use the one she recently found - even though there could be dangerous consequences.

A Certain Scientific Railgun110

10 - Silent Majority

Saten falls into a coma after she confesses using a Level Upper to Uiharu. Later, Mikoto and Kuroko discover that all of the recent coma patients are connected - in more ways than one!

A Certain Scientific Railgun111

11 - Dr. Kiyama

After inadvertently connecting to Kiyamas mind, Mikoto learns whats been motivating the doctors actions. Later, when the network goes out of control, Mikoto comes face to face with a monster!

A Certain Scientific Railgun112

12 - AIM Burst

The girls work to stop the monster before it reaches a nuclear power plant! Uiharus efforts slow the abomination down, but Mikoto might be the only person able to stop the creatures rampage!

A Certain Scientific Railgun113

13 - A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, But a One-piece Shows Off the Figure, so They Only Flatter the Slen

The Swim Club recruits Misaka and the gang to strut their stuff as swimsuit models! Later, after taking a break from posing and primping, the girls work together to make some curry.

A Certain Scientific Railgun114

14 - Special Workshop

Saten and the other students who used the Level Upper learn some valuable lessons when they attend a special weekend workshop taught by Komoe and Yomikawa.

A Certain Scientific Railgun115

15 - Skill Out

Misaka and Kuroko investigate a gang called Skill Out. The group is known to be attacking Espers all over Academy City - but in some instances, a mysterious man arrives just in time to stop the confrontation.

A Certain Scientific Railgun116

16 - Academy City

Konoris past with Big Spider is revealed. In the present, she finds herself torn. Can she honor her responsibilities as a Judgment officer while somehow remaining loyal to Kurozuma?

A Certain Scientific Railgun117

17 - Tsuzuri;s Summer Vacation

After Komoe and Yomikawa encourage her to get a hobby, Tesso rediscovers an old school arcade game she loved as a child and forms an unlikely bond with a fellow fan.

A Certain Scientific Railgun118

18 - Asunaro Park

Misaka and the girls decide to play matchmaker with their dorms Head Resident and Daigo, Uiharu and Satens teacher. Things look to be working out - until Daigo brings up the subject of marriage.

A Certain Scientific Railgun119

19 - Midsummer Festival

The midsummer festival arrives, and students are preparing to show off their school for friends and family. Misakas scheduled to perform a violin solo for the festivities - if her nerves dont get the best of her!

A Certain Scientific Railgun120

20 - Poltergeist

The gang discovers that the recent wave of earthquakes is connected to a phenomenon called poltergeisting - and theres a chance Uiharus new roomie might be somehow be involved.

A Certain Scientific Railgun121

21 - Voices

Kuroko suspects Haruue has something to do with the recent poltergeisting events, and its causing tension between her and Uiharu. Later, Haruue reveals a hidden part of her past.

A Certain Scientific Railgun122

22 - Level 6

The past comes into focus as Haruue and Edasakis connection to a common Child Error facility is revealed. Later, Misaka sets out to find Kiyama after learning that the rogue scientist is out on bail and working with the Frog Doctor.

A Certain Scientific Railgun123

23 - What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?

Therestina reveals new information about her real identity and her master plan. Meanwhile, Kuroko and the gang vow to fight alongside Misaka in order to save the children jeopardized by Therestinas activities.

A Certain Scientific Railgun124

24 - Dear My Friends

Misaka and her friends reach the facility where the children are being held, but Therestina uses Capacity Down to take the Espers out of the fight. With everything on the line, its up to Saten to save the day.