Absolute Duo
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Absolute Duo (2015)

Animação Comédia Action & AdventureTV-MA

A história começa com Blaze - um tipo de arma que é a manifestação da alma de um ser humano. Tooru Kokonoe passa a ser qualificado para usá-lá, mas por algum motivo a sua Blaze não é uma arma e sim um escudo. Além disso, ele se matriculou em uma escola que ensina técnicas de combate e graças ao sistema de duplas de combate da escola, ele acaba indo viver com uma linda garota de cabelos prateados.

Nozomi Yamamoto

Nozomi Yamamoto

Julie Sigtuna
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Thor Kokonoe
Ayaka Suwa

Ayaka Suwa

Tomoe Tachibana
Haruka Yamazaki

Haruka Yamazaki

Lilith Bristol
Nozomi Nishida

Nozomi Nishida

Kentaro Ito

Kentaro Ito

Grave Phantom
Manami Tanaka

Manami Tanaka

Otoha Kokonoe
Mami Uchida

Mami Uchida

Momo Kibitsu
Natsuki Hanae

Natsuki Hanae

Aoi "Tora" Torasaki
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Absolute Duo11

1 - Blaze

It is Tooru Kokonoes first day and he attends the entrance ceremony for Kouryou Academy where all the students have to demonstrate their capabilities with their Blaze weapons.

Absolute Duo12

2 - Duo

Tor and Julie settle in as roommates until the time comes to form official Duos. Each has an ideal partner in mind, but will they get what they want?

Absolute Duo13

3 - Avenger

Tor and Julie face an unexpected hurdle at the end of their mock-battle tournament. Julie confronts Tor about someone from his past.

Absolute Duo14

4 - Exception

Transfer student Lilith Bristol joins Tors class and immediately flaunts her status as an Exception. Tor and Julie go into town for some shopping.

Absolute Duo15

5 - Level Up

The Rite of Sublimation has given Tor and his friends upgraded powers. Lilith has another proposal for Tor ahead of a challenging inter-class battle.

Absolute Duo16

6 - Survive

Lilith ropes her fellow students into fighting her in a battle royale. A mysterious figure shows up out of nowhere with his own plans for Lilith.

Absolute Duo17

7 - Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz

The class is off to a seaside summer camp, but this is Koryo Academy. No ordinary school function is complete without some kind of combat.

Absolute Duo18

8 - Selection

A week of training is capped off by a day at leisure--and where better to unwind than at the beach? Miyabi takes a big step in her feelings about Tor.

Absolute Duo19

9 - Rebels

Koryo Academy is under attack! Tor and Julie work together in battling the chief of the marauding corps, while Tomoe searches for a missing Miyabi.

Absolute Duo110

10 - Reign Conference

Miyabi is still MIA as Koryo Academy prepares to host the mysterious Reign group. Tor presses Lilith for answers about Absolute Duo.

Absolute Duo111

11 - Killing Game

Tor and his friends confront the Rebels in Smiths grand killing game. Tomoe realizes she knows little about her Duo. K challenges Tor to a rematch.

Absolute Duo112

12 - Absolute Duo

The idea of wanting to protect someone is still foreign to K, so in a dramatic, no-holds-barred faceoff, Tor decides to show him how its done.