Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka (2008)

Drama Animation Comedy

Junichi Nagase was a real delinquent in middle school, one nasty enough that he earned the nickame Geno Killer, and its by this less than flattering epithet that Yuuhi Katagiri first comes to know him when he rescues her from two thugs one evening. Needless to say, both are stunned when not only does Yuuhi find herself transferred into the same high school class as the Killer, but that shock grows into outright stupefaction when Yuuhi shows up at Junichis house with the mind-blowing announcement that shes supposed to move in with him! It seems that theyre engaged, and since this is the first that Junichi and his younger sister Minato have first heard of the arranged marriage set up by their parents, its an idea thats going to take a little getting used to. Get ready for ties that bind and gag as bad boy and good girl collide cohabitationally while the entire school gets to watch!

Rie Kugimiya

Rie Kugimiya

Yuuhi Katagiri
Aya Hirano

Aya Hirano

Minato Nagase
Marina Inoue

Marina Inoue

Tsukasa Kiryu
Rie Tanaka

Rie Tanaka

Mitsuki Siina
Wataru Hatano

Wataru Hatano

Jun'ichi Nagase
Ryo Hirohashi

Ryo Hirohashi

Nagomi Shiraishi
Erino Hazuki

Erino Hazuki

Mikoto Tachibana
Emiri Kato

Emiri Kato

Karen Ayanokouji
Akira Ishida

Akira Ishida

Fuyuhiko Nishino
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Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka11

1 - The Scarlet First Kiss

Whilst walking in the evening, Yuuhi is saved from two guys trying to pick her up by Junichi, going away only knowing him as the Geno Killer. The next day at school, when Yuuhi transfers into Junichis class, both are surprised to see each other again so soon. During a discussion with Ayanokouji, she asks Junichi out, shocking the class. It then turns out only to be for a cup of tea, which is how she wanted to express her gratitiude. She learns that he was a former delinquent. The following day, Yuuhi is pressed for details with regards to her first encounter with Junichi, and in his confusion on clarifying matters for the class, Junichi kisses her, only to get beaten up for taking her first kiss. That evening, Yuuhi turns up at the Nagase residence, stating that she is moving in as Junichis fiancee, much to his and Minatos surprise.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka12

2 - The Scarlet Approach

A scene from Yuuhis past provides some background on the arranged marriage between Junichi and Yuuhi and to her moving in with him. Yuuhi and Junichi have trouble adjusting to living together, and Yuuhi spends her first night sleeping on the couch. The next day afer school Yuuhi goes grocery shopping with Minato for dinner. Yuuhi is amazed by the supermarket and by Minatos shopping savviness. That evening after supper the Nagase residence loses power and Yuuhi trips in the dark and falls on Junichi leading to another very awkward situation. Minato resets the breakers and power is restored, but Yuuhi blames Junichi and puts him into a headlock, which leads to another awkward situation. Yuuhi ends up sleeping in Minatos room and the two girls are able to talk and become better friends.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka13

3 - The Scream of Bizzare Colours

Junichis teacher Seijirou Sugishita goes missing in an abandoned portion of the school. The student council president Mitsuki Siina enlists Junichi and his friends to search for him in the abandoned school building. While searching Junichi and Yuuhi fall down a trap door into a pit. The two are forced to work together to try and get out, but are unable to escape. In the same pit Mr. Sugishita wakes up from under a blanket and the trio are found shortly afterward by Minato.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka14

4 - Mad Party of Indigo Blue

Karen Ayanokouji, Junichis classmate, invites him and his class to her casual home party. He is at first not interested, but is dragged along by Minato who also receives an invitation. When they arrive Junichi, Yuuhi, and company find that the party is actually a formal event on a huge cruise ship. Seeing how underdressed everyone is Karen loans them some formal wear, and Minato makes quite the impression on Junichi when he sees her with her revealing dress. This causes Junichi to have awkward feelings about his sister and asks her to cover up. Later, on their way back from the ladies room, the girls discover the kitchen is seriously behind schedule as most of the cooks are seasick. This prompts Minato and the girls to swing into action to save the party. The girls finish the feast and Minato puts on a show slicing up a tuna. Karen, feeling upstaged by the tuna show, puts on her own performance fighting against a giant octopus. This sends a scared Yuuhi running out onto the deck where she trips and activates the fireworks, which ricochet throughout the ship causing a fire in the party hall. Everyone escapes safely except for Minato and Yuuhi, and so Junichi goes into the fire to save them.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka15

5 - The Scarlet First Date

Junichi asks Minato to see a monster movie with him, which causes Yuuhi to become angry that Junichi never thought to include her. Just before the trio are about to leave, Minato fakes a phone call and makes up a lie about a previous commitment she forgot about and cannot cancel, forcing Junichi and Yuuhi to go on a date. While the two are out Minato decides to go shopping. After the movie, Yuuhi accidentally walks into a man, spilling her food onto him. Junichi quickly comes to Yuuhis rescue again and saves her from the man and his friend. Junichi and Yuuhi continue with their date, but are caught by Mitsuki in the park, and are forced to make a quick exit to avoid Mitsukis questioning. On their way home, Yuuhis hat is blown onto a rock by the side of the river. Junichi goes to retrieve her hat but accidentally falls in, sending Yuuhi into a panic. Yuuhi rushes them home in a cab and frantically searches the house for medicine and blankets. Minato comes home soon afterwards and cures Junichi with some instant ramen. The next day, everyone at school is talking about Junichi and Yuuhis date thanks to Mitsuki and Nagomi (who was also at the movie).

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka16

6 - The Golden Yellow Montagne

Karen invites Junichi and his school friends (including their teacher) up to a mountain hotel resort to make up for the events of the cruise ship party. While there everyone continues to hang around and tease Junichi who is not impressed by their company. Karen takes this to mean that Junichi is not satisfied with the luxuries of the hotel and so she takes the group on a long hike up to the Ayanokouji familys secret hot spring. There they learn that the secret hot spring is a co-ed bath, which causes some problems since the there are guys and girls. This is shortly interrupted by the sounds of a beast, and Minato takes off to find out the source of the noise. Junichi, worried for his sister, follows soon afterwards with the rest of the group in tow, only to find Minato bathing in the hot spring with a bear and cub. The bear and cub leave and the group go in for a dip, boys on one side, girls on the other, and Junichi tries to deal with his urge not to peek on the girls. Junichi ultimately gives in, but finds that the girls have already left to interrogate Yuuhi about her relationship with Junichi.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka17

7 - The Steel Grey Festival

Its the school Cultural Festival and Yuuhi, Karen, Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa (along with the rest of their classmates) are doing a Yakisoba café. However, they face tough competition from the Yakisoba stand put up by Minato and the tennis club. Meanwhile Junichi is kidnapped by Mitsuki, Nagomi and Mr. Sugishita for secret training regarding a dangerous mission. Back at the Yakisoba café the girls end up wearing their school swimsuits to attract business and end up triumphing over the tennis clubs Yakisoba stand. At the end of the festival everyone is called out to the school track field to witness Junichis epic battle in his Big Genokiller against a robotic octopus.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka18

8 - The Dusk Color Desire

Tsukasa conducts the schools sports meet since Mitsuki is sick. After school Tsukasa shows Junichi and Yuuhi an embarrassing picture of the two from the cultural festival she intends to enter in a contest for best media, which eventually leads Junichi to bring up embarrassing things from Tsukasas past to put an end to her teasing. This causes Tsukasa to recall her childhood dream to become a voice actress. The next day the students are given a career investigation assignment and Tsukasa sets out fulfill her dream by applying and preparing for an audition. Unfortunately on the day of the audition Tsukasa becomes very nervous and she loses her voice during the audition. Later however, after a talk with Junichi, Tsukasa decides to renew her ambition to become a voice actress.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka19

9 - The Scarlet Birthday

Tsukasas photo of Junichi and Yuuhi from the Cultural Festival comes in first place as Best Amitié. Minato convinces Yuuhi to help with Junichs surprise birthday party by getting Junichis present, but Yuuhi has a difficult time choosing a gift. She ends up sneaking into Junichis room for some clues on what to get him and discovers Junichis stash of dirty magazines. While looking through the magazines Yuuhi is caught by Minato and confesses her difficulty trying to find Junichis gift. Minato offers to let Yuuhi bake the cake instead as her present to Junichi. The next day at his party Junichi receives many strange birthday gifts from friends and family. Afterwards Junichi finds the cake Yuuhi baked and everyone tries a piece. The cake did not turn out very well, but Junichi tells Yuuhi that it is delicious because she baked it for him. Minato begins to feel jealous.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka110

10 - The Scarlet Confusion

Yuuhi is beginning to understand her feelings for Junichi. As a result she fakes being sick and Junichi stays home from school to care for her. Yuuhi demands a redo first kiss and the two finally confess their true feelings. At school the girls encourage Yuuhi to take initiative to move her and Junichis relationship to the next level, and Karen announces her intentions towards Junichi. The next day Fuyuhiko confronts Junichi about his feelings for his sister and advises Junichi to make a decision. At Nagomis suggestion Yuuhi comes to Junichis bedroom in middle of the night dressed as a maid and despite some awkwardness the two are able to become closer. The next evening Yuuhi leaves to report back to her family leaving Junichi and Minato alone. Minato uses this chance to express her feelings for her brother and Junichi is still unsure how he feels for his sister.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka111

11 - The Scarlet Puzzlement

Yuuhi meets with her father and rejects her engagement to Junichi, saying shed rather decide for herself without external pressures. Upon her return Yuuhi senses some weirdness she cant place in the Nagase home, but neither Minato nor Junichi are willing to admit anything. This causes a rift between Yuuhi and Junichi, which everyone at school notices. When confronted about the apparent rift between the two Yuuhi lies to cover up the true nature of the situation. After school Junichi is whisked away to meet his parents, who have suddenly returned to the country, leaving Yuuhi and Minato alone at home for the evening. After dinner Yuuhi reveals to Minato her intention to leave the Nagase house, the nullified engagement and her hurt at being lied to. Minato finally admits her love for Junichi and her heartache regarding the situation and Yuuhi hugs her.

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka112

12 - The Scarlet-Dyed Hillslope

After Junichi came back home after meeting his parents, Yuuhi was so angry over Junichi lying to her that she decided to break up with him and leave the house that night. The next day, Minato left the house as well in order for Junichi to make a decision between her and Yuuhi. When Junichi got back home from school, he started thinking about the moment Minato came back from training and decided to take care of him a few years ago. Mr. Sugishita suddenly appeared to tell Junichi to become a man and be true to himself, after taking him to the beach. Meanwhile, Yuuhi decided to stay at Karens place and Minato stayed with Nagomi. When Junichi got back to the house, he felt lonely and thought about his past and the girl he loves most, by the help of an imaginary Geno-killer, his past self before Minato arrived. With the help of his past self he finally became one with his alter-ego, and Junichi confessed his love to Minato.