Asura Cryin

Asura Cryin (2009)

Action & Adventure Animação Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A história conta a vida de Natsume Tomoharu, um garoto de 15 anos, que vive ao lado do fantasma da sua amiga de infância. Num dia qualquer, ele repentinamente recebe uma poderosa arma de uma misteriosa mulher. Ela apenas pede a Natsume que use o objeto para salvar o mundo dos demônios. Para a infelicidade (ou felicidade) do rapaz, há uma série de outras garotas que começarão a aparecer tentando roubar a lendária arma do protagonista.

Miyu Irino

Miyu Irino

Tomoharu Natsume
Haruka Tomatsu

Haruka Tomatsu

Misao Minakam
Ai Nonaka

Ai Nonaka

Kanade Takatsuki
Aki Toyosaki

Aki Toyosaki

An Oohara
Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono

Takuma Higuchi
Showtaro Morikubo

Showtaro Morikubo

Reishiro Saeki
Yuhko Kaida

Yuhko Kaida

Toru Kitsutaka
Eri Kitamura

Eri Kitamura

Rikka Kurasawa
Kazuya Nakai

Kazuya Nakai

Takaya Kagakagari
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Asura Cryin11

1 - Tricky Devil (Asura Machina)

Tomoharu Natsume survived a horrible plane crash but Misao, his close friend, did not and became a ghost that continued to be attached to him. Three years later, he moved out to a place rented by his brother to live on his own and attend Raku High since his mother remarried. On his first day in his new house, a mysterious girl called Shuri turns up and gives him a silver briefcase to look after on behalf of his brother who lives abroad. Soon after, Tomoharu and his best friend, a ghost named Misao Minakami, are attacked by various factions who all seek the Asura Machina and Extractor.

Asura Cryin12

2 - A Future About to Be Ruined

After the events of the previous evening Tomo and Misao learn about the Royal Dark Society from Shuri. Later he runs into Takatsuki whilst visiting his new landlord and learns that she was the one who broke into his house in search of the briefcase. However, soon her father arrives and things get awkward for Tomo when he realises that he was one of the people responsible for the destruction of his house. Tomo is then confronted by the First Student Council President, Saeki Reishirou, who was also one of the people who raided his home.

Asura Cryin13

3 - The Stained Shadow Of The Science`s Light

Having been captured by Saeki, Takatsuki is put on trial and sentenced to death for her involvement with Tomo. Meanwhile, Tomo rushes to retrieve the Asura Machina and save her from the First Student Council. However, when he finds the trunk empty he must rely on Shuris help to save the day.

Asura Cryin14

4 - The Feeling of Losing Your Destination

The science club head to Lake Tobi to investigate reports of a mysterious creature terrorising the area. Unbeknownst to them two fellow students, Kurasawa Rikka (the Second Student Council President) and Mahiwa are also ine the area searching for the creature. It soon emerges that the monster is in fact a familiar that was abandoned by Mahiwa and has gone berserk. Armed with this knowledge the science club set out to reunite the two and stop the creatures rampage.

Asura Cryin15

5 - Uniting Hearts and Bodies

When Shuri is injured during a fight with an Ausura machina she her personality completely changes and she thinks her name is Kurosaki Yukari. This prompts Tomo to investigate her life but soon both Tomo and Shuri are attacked by a murderer-doll only to be saved by Takatsuki.

Asura Cryin16

6 - Sacrifice Rising From Beyond Darkness

Shuri arranges to trade the real stabilizer with Susugihara for something very important to her. However, with Tomo still too ill to use Kurogane there is no-one to fight her when the trade goes badly wrong and as such they are forced to flee.

Asura Cryin17

7 - Dispersing Dream of the Cruel Sky

Now that Kurogane has absorbed the stabiliser, people can see Misao, but Tomo is worried that she wont be able to hide her incorporeal nature from those around her. Meanwhile, Haruna and Susugihara explore a strange set of ruins in search of the Caster Machina. These recent events prompt the group to look back on the tragic plane crash which started them in motion, not only for Misao and Tomo, but for Shuri and Susugihara as well.

Asura Cryin18

8 - Ruling Maiden of Calamity

With a large creature mysteriously attacking demons, Takatsuki is forced by her family to move in with Tomo so that he can protect her. At the same time Shuri arrives with a young demon named Ania, who Tomo also has to protect. However, Ania is a Luck-Eater and causes misfortune to befall Tomo and his friends. Things get even more complicated when it turns out that Anias sister, Kristina maybe involved with the demon hunts.

Asura Cryin19

9 - The Forbidden Being That Should Not Exist

When an Asura Crying appears during Reishirous attempt to stop the culprit behind the demon hunts he explains how Tomo is also in danger of becoming one and orders him to leave the matter alone. However, with Ania desperate to find out what has happened to her sister and Tomo sworn to protect her it isnt long before he is face to face with the Asura Crying.

Asura Cryin110

10 - Connecting the Chains of Time

With Ania kidnapped by Takaya Kagakagari Tomo, Shuri, Misao and Takatsuki race to save her. Meanwhile Ania learns that Kagakagari plans to sacrifice all the demons in the city in order to lift the curse of the Asura Machina. By the time Tomo and the others arrive the ceremony has already begun and they must work quickly in order to save both Ania and Takatsuki.

Asura Cryin111

11 - The Ordinary and Extraordinary End to Remaining Next to Each Other

The Second years are preparing for a class trip to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Tomo and Misao attend a party hosted by Reishirou in memory of the anniversary of Aines death. The party also features a very unusual performance competition in which everyone from Rikka to Takatsuki takes part and which Tomo and Misao end up winning.

Asura Cryin112

12 - Until This World Dies

While, Shuri and Reishirou are enjoying their Second Year trip to Hawaii, Tomo accidentally stumbles across a Plug-In for the Asura Machina. However, Kagakagari also wants the device and he attacks Tomo and the others in order to retrieve it. As such Tomo is forced to break his promise to Takatsuki and use Kurogane to fend him off.

Asura Cryin113

13 - The Stigma of the Cursed Sinner

Kagakagari has taken a plane full of people hostage and offers to exchange their lives for the Igniter. However, the exchange soon turns violent putting the lives of the hostages at risk. Tomo must then attempt a very dangerous plan using Kurogane in order to save everyone that he cares about, but will it be enough?