A Superior Day
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A Superior Day (2022)


Um thriller ambientado em 24 horas em que apenas o superior sobrevive e o homem comum que tem que salvar sua filha sequestrada matando um serial killer.

Jin Goo

Jin Goo

Lee Ho-chul
Ha Do-kwon

Ha Do-kwon

Bae Tae-jin
Lee Won-keun

Lee Won-keun

Kwon Si-woo
Im Hwa-young

Im Hwa-young

Choi Jung-hye
Na Chul

Na Chul

Seo Min-gi
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A Superior Day11

1 - Murder at Parisville

Firefighter Ho Chul accidentally witnessed the crime scene of the Rich Girl Killer while on duty two years ago. He was the only witness to the murder and suffered from the trauma. In the end, he and his family moved into Parisville City, a more secure apartment. However, today in Parisville, a horrifying murder happens in the same way.

A Superior Day12

2 - An Offer Made

The person who kidnapped Soo A tells Ho Chul that he has 24 hours to find the serial killer and kill him. If he fails to kill him, he may see his daughter as a corpse. Panicked and worried, Ho Chul rushes to confront the ex-convict security guard he saw with Soo A to find out the identity of the mysterious man.

A Superior Day13

3 - The Culprit Face

Ho Chul pays a severe price for going against the rules, and Dong Ju dies at the hands of Tae Jin. Ho Chul realizes that the only way he can save his daughter is to follow Tae Jins orders. Meanwhile, the special investigation team at Hwajin Police Station begins digging into the Rich Girl serial killer case and Dong Jus murder. As they investigate Dong Jus murder scene, they find evidence pointing to an unexpected person.

A Superior Day14

4 - Face to Face

Ho Chul gets falsely accused of the security guards death and is a fugitive on the run. He must remember the Rich Girl Killers face to save his daughter, Soo A. He begins to remember and starts to chase him down. Finally, he comes face to face with the serial killer.

A Superior Day15

5 - The Sky Garden

After being held captive by Tae Jin, Soo A is now in the hands of Si Woo. Ho Chul, who is shocked and panicked, chases Si Woo down. But with Soo A at his mercy, he is powerless. In the end, Ho Chul succumbs to Si Woos demand with his daughters life on the line.

A Superior Day16

6 - Ho Cul Betrays Tae Jin

Ho Chul joins forces with Si Woo and betrays Tae Jin to save his daughter. Ho Chul helps Si Woo, who is holding Soo A captive, slip through the polices hands. As Si Woo escapes, he tells Ho Chul where he can find Soo A. But when he gets there, he encounters an unexpected situation.

A Superior Day17

7 - Who Do I Save?

Ho Chul witnesses Jung Hye fall into the hands of Si Woo. Ho Chul is in a complete wreck now that Tae Jin has Soo A and Si Woo has Jung Hye. Jung Hye improvises and leaves Ho Chul a clue, and he heads to rescue her. When Ho Chul gets to the location, he learns the truth behind the shocking incident.

A Superior Day18

8 - The Superior Being

Ho Chul rescues Soo A. However, Tae Jin and Si Woo appear together in front of them. Ho Chul and Soo A make a run for it to escape falling into their hands again. The chase is on. The four of them end back up on the rooftop of Parisville, where their goals get intertwined one last time.