Adak: Ilha do Tesouro
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Adak: Ilha do Tesouro (2022)

Reality Documentário12

Será que a equipe de especialistas vai encontrar o lendário tesouro pirata? Esta série documental acompanha a caça ao ouro enterrado em uma região inóspita do Alasca.

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Adak: Ilha do Tesouro11

1 - The Pirates Gambit

To save his town and solve a legendary mystery, Adaks Mayor Thom assembles a crew of specialists to find pirate Gregory Dwargstofs remaining treasure.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro12

2 - Bombshell

Salvage experts Jay and Burke design blast shields to deal with an unexplored bomb. Geographer Dr. M and tech expert Brian open up a new search zone.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro13

3 - Shallow Grave

With their main digging site shut, Dr. M and Brian retrace Dwargstofs steps to locate a new target area. Later, the team digs up something shocking.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro14

4 - Seven Doors of Doom

Dr. M gathers more details on their recent find and analyzes soil samples with Brian. The search narrows down to an area underneath an abandoned house.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro15

5 - Tundra Pit

While Jay and Burke join Thom to search the tundra pits of Lake Betty, Dr. M and Brian set up camp at the Bay of Waterfalls and run into trouble.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro16

6 - Road to Ruin

The crew details more of Dwargstofs criminal activity. Jay, Burke, and Thom continue to follow the footsteps of a fellow treasure hunter at Lake Betty.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro17

7 - A Pirate Decoded

Off-limits for months, the teams most promising site is now open to search. The crew discovers mysterious stone markers that become valuable clues.

Adak: Ilha do Tesouro18

8 - Parcel 4

As a monster storm approaches, the teams short on time to unearth what they can before the freezing temperatures end their search until next year.