Angie Tribeca
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Angie Tribeca (2016)

Comédia Action & Adventure CrimeTV-14

Na história, Gabriel Black (Holloway) é um ex-fuzileiro naval que atualmente trabalha como oficial da inteligência. Com um microchip implantado em seu cérebro, ele consegue processar as informações como se fosse um computador e acessar internet, WiFi, celulares e satélites. Gabriel realiza missões para a U.S. Cyber Command, unidade que trabalha com segurança tecnológica, sob o comando de Lilian Strand (Marg Helgenberger, de CSI). Para manter Gabriel sob controle, Lilian chama a agente Riley ONeill (Meghan Ory, de Once Upon a Time), que forma dupla com ele em suas missões de campo.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones

Angie Tribeca
Jere Burns

Jere Burns

Chet Atkins
Andree Vermeulen

Andree Vermeulen

Monica Scholls
Deon Cole

Deon Cole

DJ Tanner
Hayes MacArthur

Hayes MacArthur

Jay Geils
Kiersey Clemons

Kiersey Clemons

Maria Charo
Bobby Cannavale

Bobby Cannavale

AJ Geils
James Franco

James Franco

Sgt. Eddie Pepper
Heather Graham

Heather Graham

Diane Duran
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Angie Tribeca11

1 - Pilot

Angie Tribeca is assigned a new partner, Jay Geils, to find the mayors blackmailer and bring him to justice.

Angie Tribeca12

2 - The Wedding Planner Did It

Tribeca tracks down a bakers murderer before anyone else gets hurt.

Angie Tribeca13

3 - The Famous Ventriloquist Did It

Tribeca delves into the salacious world of American ventriloquism to investigate a murder.

Angie Tribeca14

4 - The Thumb Affair

Tribeca and Geils search high and low for a missing priceless work of art.

Angie Tribeca15

5 - Commissioner Bigfish

Tribeca and Geils poke around into a prostitution ring, but the lieutenant is afraid of what they might uncover and orders them to stop.

Angie Tribeca16

6 - Ferret Royale

Illegal pet ferrets are leaking into California, so Tribeca and Geils follow a trail that leads them to a high stakes poker game.

Angie Tribeca17

7 - Tribeca;s Day Off

Ordered to take a day off, Tribeca dabbles in civilian life, while Tanner and Geils solve a murder on a golf course.

Angie Tribeca18

8 - Murder in the First Class

Another dead passenger arrives at LAX, so the gang goes undercover aboard an airplane to catch the killer in the act.

Angie Tribeca19

9 - Inside Man

A band of British gangsters robs another bank, and after Tribeca and Geils infiltrate the gang, they somehow get stuck in prison.

Angie Tribeca110

10 - The One with the Bomb

Tribeca will stop at nothing to save a kidnapped Geils before time runs out.